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What is fragile is easy to break. What is small is easy to scatter. Tao.

By Juan Carlos Romero

So fragile, yet so enduring. It is the fruit of the weak that turns into something powerfully strong through the sum of its parts. They endure, so as not to lose their original shape, thus keeping the sum of their qualities.

That is what Roma's objects are like: so fragile, keeping their subtlety and their poetic power from the moment of their creation, yet portraying the power of union, no matter how small or fragile these parts are. The aim is to avoid scattering.

Her works of art evidently convey this assertion: extraordinary necklaces, murals, blankets or sacred decoration, quasi-religious, expressing this wish to “cure”. But, what is to cure? It may be caring for others or taking care of oneself as tantamount to a possible cure which takes its time to arrive or never makes itself present.

It is dramatic to see how Roma takes these tiny, fragile blister packages used in medicine, supposed to cure afflictions, and turns them into a work of art. This artist devotes her efforts to take us on a trip to these tiny worlds. Worlds that, in her hands, turn into esthetical forms of creation which, at this opportunity, arrive on time for her audience to enjoy.


Juan Carlos Romero

Monserrat, 12-05-13

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